• The Pier

  • London Bridge

  • The Lighthouse Dolphin

  • DC3 at Mangawheka

  • Wave at Flatrock

  • The Steers from Tims Hill

  • Jarrah at East Cape - NZ

  • Early Morning- Mt Kaputar

  • Fingal Head

  • The Manuka Forest

  • Ellen

  • Wave at Lighthouse Beach

  • Storm over Fairy Hill

  • Lighthouse Beach Sunset

  • Lennox Head - Back of the Waves







The art of using your eyes


The site is a collection of images that I have shot over the last few years, some are from not long ago and some seem like just yesterday.

From here on you can just watch if you like. Enjoy.

New Work 2016/17

Working this year on some ideas around ‘Time and Motion’…. Slow exposures, slow pans, time lapse. There are other ideas as well, I make it up as I go along.



Images from Australia

All I can really say about Australia is, you definitely have to see it. Here is some of what I have seen. The people are good quality, the landscape unruly.









There is plenty to see In Europe….Pale Skies, Colourful Cities and towns and some amazing scenery…

Coming soon…




Potpalnts Piran








Same Same but different

New Zealand

The land of the long white cloud, Aotearoa, Kiwi-ville, Nu Zilan. Whatever you call it, it is a great place to visit. Its quirky, beautiful, has less rules than some other places, incredibly picturesque and has a funny accent. Yes, I would recommend this country to a friend.


Recent watercolours, prints and sculpture from the exhibition…

Weather Water Night Sky – An exhibition of watercolours inspired by the huge sky of the outback, the amazing weather everywhere, the ever-changing ocean and the brilliant nights of stars…

Original Paintings on Arches 300gsm rough – Limited Edition Fine Art Prints available. Framed and Unframed.

Until the shop is working – I’ll do it the old way… by email or phone….just let me know what you’re interested in and I’ll reply as soon as I can.  Sizes are below the web image.





Relax with a few short videos….