Melbourne, June 2015 – it’s like the city in Blade Runner except it isn’t the future and there are no robots or flying cars, but there is grime and small sushi bars in narrow busy lane ways. The denizens of this place are accustomed to a wide variety of messy inscriptions that cover every space within reach of a spray can. Some are rather arty, most aren’t.

Not being used to trams I have walked right into their path a couple of times. Not so quiet but they snake around the town ready to knock the un- listening over. I like the trams, the sparks and the rattles, how you have to stop traffic to get near them, they are warm too.

There is plenty to photograph.


A Sunny day in Melbourne is worth 2 sunny days anywhere else.

This Busker was good. I could hear him from a long way off and it was the smoothest soul searching sound I had heard for ages.

Its very cold in winter, or at least can be. I have had to wear all of my luggage a few times.

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