This is the Exhibition…. New Work

It was on, but you missed it.

You’ll have to imagine driving through the beautiful green countryside as you approach a regular looking suburban house, then coming into the studio, picking up a catalogue, a glass of champagne and some fine Nimbin Valley Dairy cheese (They kindly are sponsoring that part of the opening), then meeting some really interesting people and enjoying wandering all around the place looking at the work. Two Floors, I took over the whole house….A lot of it is local shots, the ocean, weather, late light, and then some other work from places that aren’t here.  The work is mostly from the last year, although there are a few older shots that deserved being there with the new guys. I like to shoot landscape, love weather and the darker it gets the more I like it. Studies of movement play a big part in what I shoot, as well as the amazing light that just sometimes make you stop and thank the universe for being alive today.

Sculpture, I can’t help it. I love making sculpture. The series, ‘little normal things’ – Miniature Dioramas in Box Frames.


You can always get in touch if you like any of them. The prices are –  $200 for the 500 x 650mm to $700 for the extra large – 1250 x 900mm – the miniature sculptures are $100 a couple of the larger ones are $160……anyway, it gives you an idea of the price. And all without a gallery commission. I like that bit.

0407 740 737 or email…