Exhibition – New Work 2018 – Taking over the whole house and studio. one night only Friday 14th September. 

Contact me for an official invitation…dallas@dallasnock.com



A series of workshops designed to give you the confidence and skills to make your photography not only a pleasure to shoot and edit but to impress the viewer. If you are interested in participating in any of the courses, please email. dallas@dallasnock.com.au

All workshops have small numbers – maximum of 6 people – Cost $220.

Workshop #1 – Be a Better Photographer and Learn to love the Manual setting– a workshop designed to give you all you need to be a more confident photographer. This workshop will get you up to speed on taking control of the camera. If Auto has been your go to setting so far, this will change your shooting forever.

This is a two day practical course that will give you all you need to get the shots you wanted to get.
All basic shooting techniques will be simply explained and shown in a practical setting.
How to get the flattering portrait, the wide landscape, the perfect close up, the long telephoto shot, all of these will be explored in detail so that you will be a better photographer and enjoy shooting with confidence.
A camera with a manual setting is all you will need for this course.
 Get in touch for dates …Tentative for Early October 2018

Workshop #2 – Creativity in Photography– This course is all about inspiration and being creative with your photography – Mastering long exposures, Night shooting and light painting, sensitive portraiture, working with movement.

This course will explore shooting with professional techniques that will take your shooting to a new level. How to create the shot that really has the look…the silky look in water, introducing movement into your shots, the subject that jumps out of the background, the moody portrait,  lighting a subject effectively….
The course will require a camera, ND filters and a tripod but no other special gear and we will be using general items we all have access to. An external flash will help but will not be crucial.
Course will include night shooting – 8-10pm
Next Course – October 2018

Workshop #3 – Now you’ve taken the shot, what next– Editing your photo is an essential skill for any photographer. This course covers the basics from controlling the colour and contrast to more advanced methods to make your images stand out – This will be using Adobe Lightroom, the most versatile editing and library tool for photography ever made.  Adobe Lightroom can be used as a trial for a month if you do not yet have it.

Next Course – October 2018