Sharks and Slow Waves

I like Sharks, but not when I’m in the water with them. I like how they circle things before they eat them, I like the cold unfeeling eyes and the streamlined body. I especially like how they can travel wherever they like whenever they like. If you could resin-ate them they’d make a great sculpture.

Sharks have become a problem near where I live. The have killed and maimed a few people and seem to want to hang around. Because they can. It’s been months already. Most surfers I know are either getting fat or playing golf or drinking a lot. I have seen a few of them sort of a bit too close. One, out at the point of Flat Rock Beach, a fin about the size of a wheelie bin. I’m extremely grateful it was taking no notice of me as it slid past. I silently paddled in soon after, hardly even left a wake. I did feel the pump of adrenalin for a while. Went back out a couple of days later and there was another one, maybe the same one, its hard to tell, they all have that killjoy mean bastard look. So I started driving down the coast to Evans Head to get away from them. ¬†Another attack. That was it. I’ll wait til they are all gone.

Sharks have meant that I have been shooting waves, empty barrels, whole beaches of lonely peaks, gorgeous offshore conditions and utterly exempt from surfer attendance. I have had more time than usual to shoot surf.

Here’s a few slow exposures. The smooth look is from the slow exposure with a slow panning that follows the wave, its only a 1/4 of a second so its not that slow but its a long time when things are moving. With a bit of practice its possible to keep some things sharp. ¬†These and others are in the Ocean page

wave_lighthouse-1669Lighthouse beach – Ballina

Slow wave_lighthouse-9832

North Wall Ballina


Down the Beach at Lighthouse

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    Good stuff dado

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