Welcome to here.

Welcome to the site and the blog.

This is my first blog…ever.

My name is Dallas Nock. I am an Artist and Photographer. I live in the Northern Rivers Region of NSW, Australia.

This blog will be about art, photography and experiences, sometime tips on Photography.

Experiences like heading bush for a couple of days to watch storms from a mountain top or sitting on a headland for seven hours with a camera shooting one shot a second. But I’m ahead of myself here… first some background.

I have been passionate about Art from as early as I can remember. A child with big as a house eyes and living in a world of my own. A daydreamer doodling images of futuristic cars and distant planets with crazy trees. School was mostly as a place I could sit at a proper desk out of the wind, draw and imagine things. Generally I’d be staring out the window wondering if there was a creature on Mars looking out of a window wondering if there was someone on Earth looking out a window.

Now, of course, I am an adult. I still daydream and stare out of the window. I love shooting, painting, taking things apart and re-purposing  them, making things out of whatever is around and I have a high tolerance for looking at all things visual. I love weather and storms and waves and rain and stars. Art! I could look at art all day. I have been known to stay in a gallery until it has long closed and the security find me. I can forget I am standing up while watching the world and sometimes I forget I am hungry or thirsty while working on a project.

Occasionally I will write about it.

If you have something to say, a question or a comment….I’m not hovering over the computer every day but I’ll see it eventually and reply as best I can…now, whats happening outside?

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